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Today’s Martin,

Don’t know why he didn’t do stage door, but anyway he didn’t, so I saw him no more than 10 sec and he didn’t see me. I’m not really care about it because tomorrow I’ll see the show the 7th time :-) Still feeling exciting about it!!! Every performances are different and it’s improving!!!

Please do not repost them to anywhere else without me knowing, Thanks~


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Anonymous asked: I decided to share this with you since you made the gifset comparing ASIP to the Celluloid Closet. (i don't have the time/resources to make my own post, so feel free to steal it) I was watching The Children's Hour yesterday (also featured in that documentary) and I noticed a lot of parallels with TRF. I don't know if you've seen the film, but it's one of the first to deal with homosexuality and the plot also involves a false rumor, a suicide, and a graveyard scene that's shot similar to TRF.


oooh i have to watch that movie now, thanks

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INTERVIEWER: Do you have writers you would quote as an influence, or maybe just admire?

MOFFAT: It’s always a dangerous thing to say someone influenced you, because they might be terribly insulted!

I really enjoyed the work of William Goldman — I think he’s an amazing writer.

Steven Moffat, on one of his biggest influences

Reference Note:

William Goldman is an Academy Award-winning screenwriter and novelist whose work includes Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All The President’s MenThe Princess Bride and numerous books on screenwriting and film production: [x

(Quote taken from Joking Apart: In Conversation with Steven Moffat, May 2004 [x])

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The idea that seeing two queer people who are this high profile on screen be together is HARMFUL to the queer community absolutely baffles me. 

The assertion that because it’s two cis white guys it “doesn’t go far enough” is absolute bullshit. I’m not saying that I don’t want to see more POC and non-binaries in popular culture, because I do. But the whole point here is that representation has to break through somewhere. Do they really think it would make as big of an impact on the general population if they had two non-binary queer people fall in love in an obscure show? No. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the case, because most people who are homophobic wouldn’t WATCH that show. I would, but the whole point is that we want people in the general population to realize that queer people are not an “other.” They have been watching this show this long, and become extremely invested in the characters, and seen John marry a woman and say that he’s “not gay.” Most people in the world are so heteronormative that they think of things in black and white (straight, gay. That’s it.). Not only that, these characters have been beloved for centuries. For John and Sherlock to become a couple would be a HUGE plus in the category for representation for these reasons.

Again, does that mean it goes far enough and I don’t want to see more POC non-binary queer people in the media like Laverne Cox? No. Does that mean it shouldn’t happen? No.

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akaitsume asked: Where are all these bottomlock fics that everyone keeps referencing? XD Most of the stuff I find is toplock, and...I really need a bottomlock fic (or twenty). Any recs?


Omggggggg bottomlock fic recs yikes, okay, let me gather my wits. I’m really bad about bookmarking/remembering fics I like but I also don’t really read that much fic outside of my little group of writer friends so here’s my best shot:

First of all, you cannot go wrong taking a stroll through vaginal-diabetus' bookmarks page on ao3 (different ao3 name, don’t be thrown off). She once told me something like her bookmarks are a tribute to topjohn or something similar and I took a walk through there was WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. Of course, you should read every single word she’s written as well because they’re all fucking amazing, such as … 

A Sense of Propriety and Spoils of War by sweecupncapkes (but really, also read everything she’s every written, everything, she’s my favorite fic writer ever, I cannot recommend her highly enough. )

And then there’s Katie, my heart, my love, the luminous allonsys_girl, who is a veritable smorgasbord of great stories in general, namely:

The No Rules Series, just make sure to heed the tags in case bdsm stuff squicks you out. 

The Somatic Theory Series by caitlinfairchild is a can’t miss, but again, mind the tags. Also just check out everything she’s written, you won’t be disappointed. 

That’s what I’ve got in my back pocket. Like I said I don’t read that much and my book marks are a huge mess of “to read” business. Would anyone like to add to the bottomlock fic rec pile?

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