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Anonymous asked: What if John and Sherlock plan their wedding and Sherlock suggests that they release bees like some people release doves? "Sherlock, we can't do that" "But bees, John!"



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Is it just me, or do Sherlock and John both make the same funny face?

Mirroring.  It’s where one person copies another person’s body language.  It’s a (usually unconscious) sign of being in agreement/social harmony with them.  A demonstration of empathic connection, basically.

We tend to mirror people we’re close to a lot—friends, family, lovers.  It’s why old married couples sometimes start “looking alike” to us.  Ahem.

Great stuff, by the way, for a job interview or flirting.  People usually don’t even notice you’re doing it; they just start feeling more favorable towards you.

Also it’s darling.

As a body language buff, I second the above explanation! Also, if you are attracted to someone, or they are attracted to you, you will start mirroring each other’s body language even if you don’t know them very well.

I love it. And they’re both lying to each other here - hence the tight-lipped expression they’re both using. Sherlock is lying about his relationship to Janine and how “affirming” it is, and John is lying about seeming happy about it. :P 

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twotwoonebeemine asked: That cardigan is like John's lingerie, isn't it? It's so saucy. It's like "you can just peek under me through my semi-sheerness, but I'm still all covered up. Wink wink."





well almost all covered up



Literally this man and cardigans. It’s like he’s in knee highs and heels and a school girl skirt. Fuck. Me. 

Did you see the little peek-a-boo of his chest through the tight buttons on his shirt?  Sherlock isn’t the only one with straining buttons.


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John & Sherlock + Manhandling

No, but these two are totally platonic. There’s absolutely no underlying sexual tension here. What are you even talking about? Of course John is not gay. And you can bet your ass that Sherlock certainly does not enjoy being handled like that by another man. It’s not like he’s gay or anything. I mean, really! That’s preposterous.

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