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srsly stop. there are people out there i love, they’re lovely lovely people, but it drives me mental to see writers of pornography being told to stop glamorizing/eroticizing [subject of your choice]. pornography is not public health education materials. pornography is not an endorsement of an actual, real, harmful thing. it’s glamorized and eroticized by definition. there are kinds of pornography i cannot consume because i have too many Real Feelings about the subject being portrayed. so i don’t consume that kind of pornography. i produce pornography that i completely understand other people have Real Feelings about, and i respect that. but seriously, having erotic responses to things that are bad, wrong, dark, disturbing - wake up and smell the human condition. telling people it’s not suitable material for fantasy - gtfo. seriously.

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AwesomeCon was aptly named: it was awesome! The Q&A with Billie Piper—especially so. Some fun facts…

  • Her favorite episodes from her era are “Father’s Day” and “Doomsday”
  • Her favorite monsters are the werewolf and the Slitheen
  • David Tennant is a better kisser than Christopher Eccleston (the little girl who asked that question for her mom got $100 out of it!)
  • If she could write an episode of DW, it would be a “will they, won’t they?” love story between Rose and TenToo

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